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The Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack and SecuStack.

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Yaook is an important step towards more digital sovereignty. It renders it possible to deploy and operate own Cloud infrastructures based on Open Source. For this purpose, Yaook is providing a fully automated and free OpenStack Lifecycle Management (LCM). In this context, it does not only focus on provisioning OpenStack itself, but also on all other aspects relevant for managing OpenStack-based infrastructures (e.g. hardware inventory, monitoring). Generic day 2 operation tasks are natively included in Yaook’s scope.

Open Source.


YAOOK Bare Metal

Deploys and manages server hardware (“Metal-as-a-Service”). This includes defining and building the operating system running on the servers as well as their network and disk configuration. It allows to automatically redeploy nodes, which is our primary mechanism for software updates.

YAOOK Kubernetes

Deploys and manages the Kubernetes below OpenStack. It handles Kubernetes upgrades transparently and provides a full-featured Kubernetes cluster with LoadBalancers, Ingresses, StorageClasses, Certificates and further relevant pieces.

YAOOK Operator

Deploys and manages OpenStack on top of Kubernetes. It talks to the standard Kubernetes APIs to create and manage resources in the cluster. It handles OpenStack upgrades and maintenance (such as evacuating nodes) and provides an interface for the user to insert configuration.

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Since its foundation in 2011, the mission of Cloud&Heat has been to make sustainability and security a driver of digital innovation. Cloud&Heat develops, builds, and operates secure and energy-efficient digital infrastructures that meet the requirements of the digital future.

Cloud&Heat has been operating OpenStack-based Cloud infrastructures for several years. The gained knowledge and experiences form essential ingredients for Yaook's development.


STACKIT is the digital brand of Schwarz IT and thus part of the IT organization of Europe’s largest retail group, which includes Lidl, Kaufland, and companies from the production and recyclables management sectors.

As a corporate start-up of Schwarz IT, STACKIT offers colocation in the form of data centre or rack space as well as Cloud infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS) in enterprise quality. STACKIT provides the technological basis for the Schwarz Group‘s digital tranformation, from which external companies will also benefit in the future.

Lifecycle Management Tool.

for OpenStack

OpenStack is a free, open standard Cloud computing platform. It is mostly deployed as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in both public and private Clouds where virtual servers and other resources are made available to users.

for SecuStack

SecuStack is a Cloud operating system enabling the simple and secure provision of resources for the operation of Cloud applications using IaaS.

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